10 Meaty Vegan Father's Day Recipes! (2024)

Today I'm sharing with you a round-up of these 10 meaty vegan Father's Day recipes for the dad's in our lives to enjoy. When I think of my dad, the meals that come to mind are hearty, satisfying, grill-worthy, mouth-watering classics! You know what I mean - steak, burgers, sausages, chicken wings, buffalo dip, and more!! Everything meaty and delicious, but of course, everything is 100% VEGAN!!

10 Meaty Vegan Father's Day Recipes! (1)

Enjoy a meal with your dad, or most of these recipes freeze very well, so they are perfect for making ahead of time or for stocking the freezer so dad can enjoy them for weeks to come! Whether you are cooking this up for your dad or yourself, these 10 meaty vegan Father's Day recipes will "hit the spot" as my dad would say 🙂

Bonus points: if you want to gift something to dad to make these recipes even more epic, I've fallen in love with my Lodge reversible grill griddle that will get you those epic grill marks without the need for a barbeque. Why do grill marks make everything taste better?

In my opinion, a good veggie burger has certain requirements. It needs to have a nice bite and chew (no mushiness!), it needs to be juicy and packed full of flavour, and it has to be strong enough to hold up on the grill. These Vegan Seitan Burgers are all that and more! Happy Vegan Father's Day? Sure, but more like "Happy Best Vegan Burger Dad Has Ever Had Day"!!

This Vegan Seitan Steak has the perfect chew, is juicy, a little smoky, umami, satisfyingly yum for each and every bite. A Vegan Father's Day meal idea that is rich in flavour and is a super-classy way to celebrate the Dad in your life!

These Vegan Seitan Tenders are, you guessed it, tender. They are juicy and succulent. The tenders are easy to make and can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the fridge for several days, or in the freezer so you can have them on hand whenever you like. Then, the best part is that when you are ready to serve, you can fry them, grill them, marinate them, bake them, or treat them any way you would have treated a chicken dish. These vegan seitan tenders are so delicious and what better way to impress Dad than with a Vegan Father's Day meal to remember?

These Vegan Italian Seitan Sausages have that perfect meaty texture, that classic sausage shape, that flavourful burst of Italian seasoning, and they're just really damn good! Why not fire up the grill and treat Dad to some Father's Day-worthy vegan sausages - you will not regret this!!

Just a reminder that all ofmy recipesare always 100% vegan, just in case I scared you a little with that picture. Because hot dang those Vegan Seitan Bites are looking a whole lot like chicken wings. Fear not, no chickens were harmed in the making of these vegan chicken wings. But they sure are sauce drippingly, sticky finger, scrumptious nibbles withVegan Blue Cheese Dip for dunking those seitan bites in. Ooooh yeah, this is some quality Vegan Father's Day bar food right here.

If you're looking for an easy-to-make vegan version of buffalo chicken dip, you have found the right recipe! This Vegan Buffalo Tofu Dip is the perfect creamy, cheesy, spicy goodness every game day, BBQ, party, Father's Day or movie night deserves. Just like the classic dip, but better because it's completely vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, way healthier, make-ahead, and tasty delicious.

Cauliflower florets coated in a crispy spiced crust, served with hot buffalo sauce and a side ofVegan Blue Cheese Dip? Oh, hi there good lookin'. I know exactly what you got cookin', and I like it, I like it a lot. Hot dang these Crispy Buffalo Cauliflowers are good little dudes. What better snack food to celebrate Father's Day than these mouth-watering, spicy, dippable bad boys!!

Food on a stick! Need I say more? Why is it that food on a stick is extra scrumptious? And grill marks too. Grill marks make everything look more scrumptious. And then peanut butter sauce!! The most scrumptious of all. So naturally, you can assume that these Grilled Tofu Skewers with Spicy Peanut Sauce are scrumptious times 3. Happy Father's Day, indeed!!

There are four of my most favourite words in the title of this recipe... yeah, I bet you guessed each and every word, you clever minx you. Easy Vegan Jackfruit Tacos. Boom. These tacos are a perfect quick and easy idea for a Father's Day feast, packed full of spices, with a squeeze of lime on top and maybe a Cerveza on the side. Happy taco-ing!

This is a delicious, pan-seared fish-inspired fillet that has the most amazing crispy skin and tender, flaky inside. The flavour is mild but full-bodied umami with hints of butter, nuts, and the ocean. It pairs beautifully with a squeeze of lemon and melts in your mouth with every bite. I present to you: Vegan Salmon! Oh, yeah.

There you have it!! 10 meaty vegan Father's Day recipes just for you! I hope you and whoever in your life you call "Dad", "Pops", "Father", etc. enjoy these vegan recipes!

Bon appetegan!

Sam Turnbull.

10 Meaty Vegan Father's Day Recipes! (2024)
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