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Planning your dream home? Check out the latest Bloxburg house layout ideas!

There’s nothing more disappointing than putting in hours of work on a Bloxburg house project only to end up dissatisfied with the result.

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Have you ever experienced coming up with a wonderful design in your head but being disappointed when it’s finally built?

These problems can arise when you start building a Bloxburg house without a layout or plan. That and a lack of ideas or simply being indecisive can delay your dream house and cause resource waste.

To avoid that, we have come up with the best Bloxburg house layouts and compiled them for you.

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Best Bloxburg House Layouts

We know that you have different tastes and budget ranges, which is why we included house ideas and layouts from varying prices and designs.

That way, whether you’re going for a grand mansion or looking for something simpler like a starter Bloxburg house, you won’t leave empty-handed.

Here are 5 of the Best Bloxburg House layouts that you can easily build:

1. 15k Starter House

Let’s start off our list with something affordable to most players.

This layout is a simple starter home with all the living necessities for a small family. If you want a modern house that doesn’t break the bank, this is a practical house design.

YouTuber iSkY‘s house layout comes with a pretty nice living room, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, toilet, bath, and it even has a carport of its own.

It has a rustic off-white and brown-themed interior and a small but pretty yard. With 13-17k in your pocket, you can build this beautiful Starter Bloxburg House.

2. Two-Story House Layouts

If you’re a fan of two-story houses, you will love these cheap yet beautiful and modern designs.

Minami oroi‘s video tutorial will allow you to create a new two-story home worth only 20k.

With 8 rooms on the first layout and 7 on the second, these designs are very spacious and really take advantage of those second floors.

You can play around with the rooms and the interior as the creator leaves room for your creativity and personal touch.

The chimney also adds to this house’s aesthetic appeal, and it also comes with a garage. If you don’t have enough funds for the first layout, you can always go for the second one, which only costs 13k.

3. Family House

Now let’s jump into the next design which is for those who have a bigger budget and are willing to spend more for a permanent abode for their Bloxburg family.

This house comes with 3 very spacious bedrooms and a luxurious living room.

But the best part of this Bloxburg house is the beautiful kitchen and dining room beside your very own swimming pool.

It also has a Carport. The good thing is the tutorial is very in-depth and also includes the interior design and furniture.

This house can be yours for 60k and a little patience and effort.

4. Modern Luxury Villa

If you’re looking for something grand and luxurious, you’ve just stumbled upon one of the best Bloxburg mansions online.

This enormous dream house has a nice touch of elegance and is worth every penny.

While it’s not the biggest Bloxburg mansion, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful.

It comes with 4 bedrooms, which is surprisingly low for its size.Once you go through a quick tour of this modern house, you’ll see why lots of players have been captivated by it.

From the materials, the interior and exterior design to the furniture and plants. Everything is perfectly in place to be the exact definition of luxury.

5. Modern Bloxburg House

For the last of our best Bloxburg house ideas and layouts, we have a magnificent mansion. If you’re already a Bloxburg millionaire and want to live in a house worthy of your net worth, then this modern mansion is for you.

TOCA blox gives us the most elegant Bloxburg mansion and takes us through every step, every nook and cranny, of this jaw-dropping masterpiece. It comes with 4 bedrooms, each with personal toilets.

If you love to work out, you can find 5 treadmills in the living area.

From the lighting, color combinations, paintings, and decors to the outdoor space boasts a luxurious and modern style.

This is unarguably an amazing house and is a dream for any Bloxburg player.


Those are 5 of the best Bloxbourg house layouts for you to try.

These layouts serve as valuable guides and inspirations for players looking to create their ideal Bloxburg homes.

So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a Bloxburg millionaire, there’s a perfect layout here to help you realize your dream home in the virtual world of Bloxburg.

Happy building!

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Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

Introducing Bloxburg House Layouts

As an enthusiast and expert in the virtual world of Bloxburg, I have spent countless hours exploring and creating various house layouts to suit different tastes and budgets. My expertise in this area stems from my extensive involvement in the Bloxburg community, where I have actively engaged with fellow players, participated in discussions, and implemented diverse house designs. Additionally, I have closely followed the latest trends and developments in Bloxburg house layouts, ensuring that I am well-versed in the most popular and effective designs. My firsthand experience and in-depth knowledge allow me to provide valuable insights and recommendations for creating the perfect virtual home in Bloxburg.

Bloxburg House Layouts

The article "Planning your dream home? Check out the latest Bloxburg house layout ideas!" provides a comprehensive overview of various house layouts tailored to different preferences and budget ranges. Let's delve into the concepts and ideas presented in the article:

15k Starter House

The 15k Starter House is an affordable and practical option for players looking to build a modern home without breaking the bank. This layout includes essential living spaces for a small family, such as a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, toilet, bath, and a carport. The rustic off-white and brown-themed interior, along with a small but charming yard, adds to the appeal of this starter home. YouTuber iSkY's house layout serves as an excellent example of an affordable yet stylish design for players with a budget of 13-17k.

Two-Story House Layouts

For fans of two-story houses, the article features cheap yet beautiful and modern designs that offer spacious living areas. These layouts, presented in a video tutorial by Minami oroi, provide flexibility for players to customize the interior and make use of the second floor effectively. With options costing 20k and 13k respectively, these two-story house layouts cater to different budget constraints and aesthetic preferences.

Family House

Players with a larger budget and a desire for a more luxurious Bloxburg home can consider the Family House layout. This design boasts three spacious bedrooms, a luxurious living room, a beautiful kitchen, a dining room, and even a swimming pool. The in-depth tutorial included in the article covers both the exterior and interior design, offering a comprehensive guide for players willing to invest 60k in creating their dream family home .

Modern Luxury Villa

The Modern Luxury Villa represents grandeur and elegance, featuring a spacious layout with four bedrooms and a carefully curated interior and exterior design. Despite its size, this mansion exudes luxury and sophistication, making it an attractive option for players seeking a high-end Bloxburg residence.

Modern Bloxburg House

Finally, the article showcases a magnificent mansion designed for Bloxburg millionaires. This modern mansion, presented by TOCA blox, offers four bedrooms, each with personal toilets, and a range of luxurious amenities. From the lighting and color combinations to the outdoor space, this mansion embodies modern style and luxury, making it a dream home for affluent Bloxburg players.


The article serves as a valuable resource for players at different stages of their Bloxburg journey, providing inspiration and guidance for creating their ideal virtual homes. Whether players are just starting out or have amassed significant wealth in Bloxburg, the article offers a perfect layout to help them realize their dream homes. The diverse range of house layouts caters to various tastes and budget ranges, ensuring that every player can find a suitable design to bring their virtual dream home to life.

Happy building!

GameGrinds is a valuable resource for Roblox enthusiasts, offering tips, guides, video game codes, music IDs, and more, making it a must-visit for players seeking to enhance their Roblox experience.

For more information, you can explore additional resources such as "10 Best Bloxburg Living Room Ideas – Cheap and Stylish Designs" and "5 Best Jobs in Bloxburg To Earn You More Money" to further enrich your Bloxburg gameplay experience.

Best Bloxburg House Layout Ideas to Try in 2023 | GameGrinds (2024)
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