MariahTheScientist & Her Ex Lil Yatchy Get Into It! 👀 Did Ari Shade Olivia ⁉️ (2023)


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In today’s thoughts and opinions video we discuss these topics: #MariahTheScientist & Her Ex #LilYatchy Get Into It! 👀 Did #Ari Shade #OliviaSong ⁉️

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Hey, my lovely TTS welcome back to the channel.

Let's go ahead and start this video off with Mariah the scientist and Lil yachty because they got into a little Twitter View.

Today now before Mariah, the scientist was known for her music and dating Young Thug back around 2016 and 17.

She was in a relationship with Lil yachty.

If you guys didn't already know now, it seems like Lil, yachty and Mariah's relationship was very toxic, because Mariah has alluded to this in multiple songs, for example, her song brain she says I, wonder if I seem insecure, you are making music for your teenage tour, which is a tour that Lil yachty was on and she said you came home from the studio and you found me on the bathroom floor now she's in this song.

Talking about you, know her mental health and how it was after finding out that Lil yachty was cheating on her and doing what he had did now, since Mariah has gotten bigger over the years.

Of course, her fans have been talking about about Lil, yachty and her relationship more and more, like I said, because she opens up a lot about it in her music and allegedly Lil yachty had really broken Mariah the scientist's heart he started to date, her fashion designer friend, which is his baby mother.

Now her name is cell now, I guess this is a legend and Lil yachty is saying that it's not true.

Now this is what got them into the whole Twitter feud.

Today somebody posted and said unpopular opinions on Mariah, the scientist.

One person said how you go to school, to be an anesthesiologist and you end up flunking out because of Lil yachty now Lil yachty I guess he got tired of the rumors and he decided to reply and he said LOL.

Why do y'all keep trying me over this woman? Not this woman, he said I've been quiet for so long, but please stop making up this weird, a false narrative and he said, and the fact that Mariah just lets all of these lies go on.

It's weird to me.

He also says, and me and Mariah wasn't dating at the time again.

The only time I'ma say this leave me out of it now.

I have to say this situation has been spreading like a wildfire, like I said since Mariah has been getting bigger with her music and as a celebrity people have been talking about her past relationship with Lil, yachty, more and more, like I, said, I believe it's because it's in the music, but even I scrolled on Tick, Tock and I, seen it on my for you page.

So you guys can only imagine how much this is actually being talked about, which is probably why Lil yachty decided to come out and say something out.

Somebody else said he got one of her Partners pregnant, like it was so nasty Lil yachty replied, and he said this is also just not true laugh of my a y'all.

They were never friends ever never met, rarely even had a full conversation.

They just followed each other.

You people are weird, so this is Lil yachty debunking the rumors that Mariah the scientists ever friends.

Even though there's receipts out there, you know them commenting on each other's pictures on Instagram back in the day before sales start dating Lil yachty, so people still don't believe they probably are not going to believe what Lil yachty is saying, because there is proof out there and just because they didn't have a full-blown conversation did not mean that they weren't somewhat close, because I even heard that Mariah, the scientist was supporting his baby mother by wearing her clothes back in the day.

So these two had some type of relationship.

Now Mariah the scientist decides to jump in this and she's like uh-uh.

She said I know a dude ain't having something to say about something: I, don't never speak on, and she also said miles which is Lil yachty's real name.

You got to be dizzy.

I will Air you out in this bee.

Now, Mariah she's, basically saying look.

I will tell all the truth.

Don't try to lie on me now: Lil yachty, he replies back and he said death, not finna back and forth.

With you on this internet I just cleared my name.

Your fans are weird now he's continuously calling Mariah the scientists fans weird.

Of course our fans are not going to appreciate that energy coming from him.

I honestly feel like there was a lot that went on between Lil, yachty and Mariah, the scientist and obviously the way that she opens up in her song she's, going to feel some type of way, because if she does not want to respond to those rumors in all honesty, she doesn't have to in a way it seems like he's looking for her to defend him, and that is actually not but I.

Don't think, that's something that we will know the full story of unless one of them sit down and tell the full story of the whole situation but y'all.

Let me know how you y'all feel about that.

I can't believe that Mariah, the scientist and Lil yachty got into something today.

Of course, both of them have moved on Lil yachty's in a new relationship and Mariah, the scientist she has moved on to Young Thug and she became a successful star, so she did glow up on Lil yachty a little bit if he was doing all of that.

Cheating like I, said y'all.

Let me know what y'all think about that.

Now, let's go ahead and move on to miss Olivia's song.

Now we all know who Olivia's song is I'm, not sure if she's still doing makeup, but she used to do makeup for a lot of celebrities.

But recently she had spoke out and said that she wasn't going to be working with a lot of celebrities or influencers anymore, especially after finding out what they do and who they worship, everything that they had going on behind the scenes, and she said that she was given her life to Jesus Christ and she has been spreading awareness with a lot of things.

If you guys don't know what I'm talking about and if you want to know what I'm talking about.

You should definitely follow her on Instagram at Olivia song.

Now one influencer that she used to work with, of course, is Ari, but her and Ari got into a little Feud and these two completely decided to stop working with each other.

Now a lot of people seem to think that Ari was speaking about Olivia's song when she posted this tweet.

Just yesterday she said, is everybody being a pastor on Instagram? If you have truly found God I love that for you, but all of this extra stuff y'all doing is annoying and I feel like y'all playing with God.

Now, like I said, a lot of people feel like Ari was specifically talking about Olivia's song, because rarely does Ari make a tweet like this ever I honestly, when I seen the tweet I honestly felt like she was speaking about Olivia's song as well, which she could most likely be talking about her.

But I would just say this here in my own thoughts and opinions.

If Ari was talking about Olivia's song, I honestly, don't feel like Ari should have anything to say about Olivia's spirit, spiritual journey, especially because I have not seen Olivia talking about Ari.

Specifically, she has been posting.

Some things about specific celebrities, but I have not seen her say anything about Ari directly.

You know, with this whole spiritual journey that she's going on and allegedly Olivia did respond when Ari put out that tweet and she just said God bless so it looks like she is turning over a new leaf and she's not really trying to get into anything with anyone.

I honestly feel, like probably it was fans that conjured this up.

It was probably a lot of fans who sent this to Ari telling her.


This is what your old makeup artist is talking about, and that's why I decided to respond, but honestly, Olivia's spiritual journey has everything to do with her and Ari.

What she has going on has everything to do with what Ari has going on.

These two are no longer close, Olivia no longer works for Ari, so I don't feel like these two really should be talking about each other anymore.

More now, y'all could let me know in the comments section if you do follow Olivia's song If.

You look at all of her insta stories.

Of course she does post a lot.

So sometimes you can miss it.

Did she say anything about Ari, because I have not seen her say anything specifically about Ari, so I wouldn't really understand why Ari would be shading her if, like I said only if that's the case, one thing that I believe people should do and I'm gonna go ahead and leave this video.

A lot of people always want to judge and tell somebody what they should be doing and how they should be following Jesus and following Chrysler, whatever they're doing when everybody should be focused on their own relationship, don't focus on how I'm worshiping God, how I'm doing my thing and what I'm doing focus on your own spiritual journey, stop looking at everybody else and what they doing and telling them.

Oh, why did you post this? Why did you do this? If you're for God no focus on your own Spiritual Journey Don't worry about anybody else worry about your own.

Once you keep your eyes on your own paper, you won't have to worry about or get annoyed about what anybody else is doing.

Okay, anyways y'all.

Let me know what y'all feel in the comment section: no, that's no shade towards Ari I'm, just speaking in general, but y'all.

Let me know what y'all think in the comment section once again.

Thank you so much for watching room for tea.

Make sure you like comment and subscribe to my channel turn on your post notifications, so you're notified every time.

I upload follow me on Instagram at room for t with two ways at the end and I will see you guys in my next video have a blessed rest of your night.

Thank you, foreign.

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